Design Services

At Trillium, we back our product offerings with a full line of services that help make your job easier. You can rely on our experience and expertise in design, consulting and installation.


Our Consulting Team includes certified hardware consultants, door specialists and detailers who have an intimate knowledge of opening design. We take the time to create detailed schedules or double-check your existing documents to ensure everything comes together flawlessly when installed.

Schedule, Specification and Budget Writing

When you enlist Trillium at the beginning of a project, we tailor a proposal that specifies products for each opening.  You will receive a detailed, descriptive schedule that indicates each opening’s size, function and  hardware requirements.  Along with the schedule, our consultants will provide a budget for the items we specify.

Building Code Consulting

Trillium will ensure your opening designs meet all applicable building code requirements.  We can provide guidance and answer any questions concerning building codes and how they apply to openings.

Educational Seminars

Our popular Lunch and Learn Seminars are a great way to help your employees or coworkers learn about openings. Trillium will send a specialist to your site to host a presentation that is customized to cover the topics you want to learn about.

Contact us to learn more or book a seminar.