Doors & Frames

Trillium specifies, supplies and installs architectural doors and frames that complement the function and design of all your project’s openings.  We take the time to understand how each opening should operate and ensure you get the right product for the application, from the boardroom to the basement, and the executive suite to the electrical room.

When you place an order, our detailers assemble a complete shop drawing package that shows sizing, machining information, fire options and handing.  We include elevations of each door and frame type to indicate lite locations, jamb details and frame construction.

Hollow Metal Products:

Steel doors and frames are available in various gauges and profiles, with options like fire rating, insulation and steel stiffening.  They arrive on site fully machined and ready for hardware to be installed.  We work with the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure the products we offer are of the highest quality.


Wood Products:

Wood doors and frames come in standard and exotic veneer species, as well as plastic laminate finishes.  Products can be factory finished to match a specified stain or lacquer, providing consistency throughout your space.  Options such as custom profiles and frame reveals, transom panels and sidelights are all available.

Our warehouse is an FSC®-Certified facility, allowing us to handle wood products without compromising FSC® or LEED requirements.

Specialty Products:

As your total opening solution provider, Trillium offers a variety of specialty doors and frames for unique applications including:

  • STC-Rated Acoustic Assemblies
  • Bullet, blast and pressure resistant doors, frames and glazing
  • Steel stiffened metal doors
  • Temperature rise rated openings
  • Lead lined doors and frames
  • Stainless steel doors and frames
  • Watertight/Marine doors