Total Opening Solutions

Our totalopeningsolutions concept means more than just providing the products our clients need.  It is our comprehensive approach to business that saves you time and money by using Trillium as your single source for specifications, doors and frames, hardware and installation.

When Trillium specifies, supplies and installs the total opening on your project, managing approvals and making revisions is a breeze.  Your Project Manager will synchronize the doors, frames and hardware internally on your behalf, meaning you spend less time sending information between separate trades, and more time concentrating on other things.  The potential for errors, delays and nasty surprises is also reduced.

Our totalopeningsolutions approach lets you avoid the frustrations of finger pointing and playing the blame game when adjustment or maintenance is required.  When we provide your total opening , we back it up with our totalopeningwarranty, so you only need to call one source for repairs or deficiencies.